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Pleae translate it for you.

Sorry for it.




A2Z80카드의 메모리 맵핑 기능을 활용하여 512KB영역을 사용하는 방법입니다.


A2Z80 카드는 내장된 512KBAPPLE //e에서 R/W할수 있는 기능을 제공합니다.

간단하게 32KB 16KB씩메인 메모리의 주소에 맵핑시켜 사용 가능하며,

주소는 $1000~$4FFF 16KB영역, $5000~$8FFF까지 16KB씩맵핑도 가능합니다.

32KB로 맵핑하면 한번에 32KB씩 사용할 수 있습니다.


이를 위한 방법을 순서대로 적어봅니다.

먼저 A2Z80에게 버스를 사용하겠다고 명령을 내립니다. 메모리를 Z80도 사용하므로, 세워서 APPLE //e 전유물로 만듭니다. 물론 Z80은 동작을 정지합니다.


아래 표를 보시면 


A2Z80이 슬롯1에 있는경우 $C09A이 됩니다.

'1000'  0x08입니다.

여기에 $08을 넣으면 A2Z80카드는 APPLE 이 버스를 사용하도록 허락합니다(편의상 32KB 전부 맵핑으로 설명 합니다)


이때부터 APPLE //e $1000~$8FFF까지가A2Z80영역의 512KB 32KB가 연결이 됩니다.


그런 후 A2Z80의 메모리를 RW할수있도록 설정해 줘야 합니다.


이 동작은 아래 Register를 설정하므로 할수 있습니다.

간단하게 $0F를 넣어주면 됩니다.

A2Z80이 슬롯1에 있는경우는 $C099가 됩니다.


그런 후 원하는 512KB의 메모리 뱅크를 선택합니다.


$C0nB에서 설정을 하는데, $00~$0F값을 넣으므로써 설정됩니다.



A2Z80이 슬롯1에 있는경우$C09B 입니다.


그러면 $1000~$8FFF영역의 32KB영역의메모리의 사용 준비가 모두 끝났습니다.

바로 해당 영역의 메모리를 R/W하시면 됩니다.


사용이 끝난후에는 APPLE //e의 메모리 영역으로 쉽게 돌아올수있습니다.

C0n9 $00을 넣으면Z2Z80 RAM 영역이 OFF됩니다

이렇게 하면 $1000~$8FFF영역이 애플2 기본 메모리로 돌아옵니다.


이렇게 16개의 뱅크를 선택하여 총 512KB영역을 사용할 수 있습니다.


그외 참고 기능으로 

프로그램이 A2Z80메모리 영역에 있는 경우 메모리 뱅크가 바뀌면 프로그램이 없어지는 문제점이 있으므로, 이럴때는 16KB씩만 맵핑하시거나, 프로그램을A2Z80 메모리 영역에도 복사하여 두면, 문제를 해결할수 있습니다. APPLE //e 메모리에서 A2Z80메모리쪽으로 복사하기 위해서는 A2Z80 카드의메모리를 Write Only로만 켜서 Write 하시면 Read는 애플2에서 Write는 A2Z80쪽으로 기록이 됩니다.


VGM Player 512KB는 A2Z80카드의 512KB 메모리를 활용하여 만들었습니다.

APMSX카드도 유사한 기능이 있으므로 APMSX카드용으로도 쉽게 적용이 가능합니다.




'◆ Z80 Card' 카테고리의 다른 글

SD DISK][ Driver for APMSX  (0) 2021.04.04
How to use 512KB memory on A2Z80plus  (0) 2021.03.31
dBASE II on A2Z80Plus  (0) 2021.03.30
A2Z80 plus run CP/M on HDD  (0) 2020.07.12
Another mate for A2Z80plus card  (0) 2019.05.03
A2Z80Plus ready  (0) 2019.01.26
Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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dBASE II on A2Z80Plus

◆ Z80 Card / 2021. 3. 30. 10:10

I searched dBase II on Internet and could get a dBase 2.4 and I tested on CP/M HDD image.


I recalled my old memory and made a simple program to add testing records.

Now it have 45752 records and works fine but, slow.

This dBase program is general one and I transfered it to FDD and copy it to the HDD of SD DISKII plus.

To transfer the program to CP/M..


1) Download programs for CP/M

2) Add files for APPLE II image disk by Cpmtools 2.9.

It looks some complicated but works.



Cpmtools 2.9 Executables for Windows Users



3) Transfer this FDD image to another SD DISKII Plus. (For conveniances I used two SD DISKII Plus)

4) Boot CP/M and Copy files.

PIP C:=E:*.*





PS: Maximum records on dBASE II, It looks 6553x records (16bits).

If over this records, dBASE doesn't handle properly.

Anyway, This is one of example it has 65000 records and sized 3.1MB and index file sized 1.3MB. I didn't expected it could handle this size of database. :)

Here is bootable 32MB HDD image with dBASE II (in A:)


* SD DISKII Plus need to installed on SLOT#7 and A2Z80Plus was in SLOT#4.

* And to start CP/M, need to press '2'


Thanks for reading.

Ian Kim

'◆ Z80 Card' 카테고리의 다른 글

SD DISK][ Driver for APMSX  (0) 2021.04.04
How to use 512KB memory on A2Z80plus  (0) 2021.03.31
dBASE II on A2Z80Plus  (0) 2021.03.30
A2Z80 plus run CP/M on HDD  (0) 2020.07.12
Another mate for A2Z80plus card  (0) 2019.05.03
A2Z80Plus ready  (0) 2019.01.26
Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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VisiCalc Advanced Version for APPLE II

Tested on APPLE //e with SD DISKII Plus.


Here is the HDV image file.



Enjoy it.


'★ 개인방 > Other' 카테고리의 다른 글

VISICALC for APPLE II ProDos HDD(32MB)  (0) 2021.03.29
Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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Dear customers and friends,
This version of firmware  fixed some bugs on FDD mode.
Please update your SD DISK][plus with this firmware.
What's changed in this firmware is,
1) Fixed an error what some images could not start up well at once during FDD booting.
2) NODSK??.NIB that automatically creates when formatting without selecting a disk and  now this temporary file automatically inserted during Power ON Boot. 
If I have multiple temporary files, I had a little difficulties to find which was that.

But now, It is more convenient for FDD work for copying a real DISKETTE to image file.

3) Write FDD and then rebooting soon, It desn't updated the image file.
Now it fixed and correctly update the FDD(*.NIB) image file.

Please refer to the link below for how to update the firmware.



(Thanks Mr. Johnson Lam)




Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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Here is a one of example file manager for WIFI SD Memory card.

You may find better one but, It is a simple and easy to manage your SD memory card.

You can download/upload/delete on your WIFI SD memory card from your PC.

I have tested Toshiba Flash Air SD card (W-2) with my Windows10 PC and works fine with SD DISKII Plus

This view is my SD files in the SD DISKII Plus.


Please refer to this link for download and configure your FlashAir card.




FlashAir Web File Manager. Contribute to stephanr/FlashAir-FileManager development by creating an account on GitHub.


Enjoy your SD DISK II Plus with WIFI SD Memory card.


Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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Dear friends and customers,

I glad to annouce this information about the mockingboard for APPLE //c+ is completed.

This board could be installed over the CPU socket same and speaker volume also works as followd the volume control slide.

It was fully tested on APPLE //c+ and works great but, on 4Mhz, It generate higher tone and faster sound. For proper sound, you have to set on normal speed on APPLE //c+.


I ordered PCB for commercial boards and parts. it would take around 2 weeks and then I could start to ship to you.


** Pre-Order will be closed on 28th March **



Included items;


1) MB4c+ board 
2) Two speakers
3) Volume control wire

*It doesn't include 3.5mm AUX cable.

**MB4C+ is compatible with APPLE //c & APPLE //c+


Price; $125

(Preorder closed)

For pre-orders, I will ship it for free but only for below countries.


* Shipping Issues *

Thesedays, I'm having difficulties to ship world wide.
In this time, I can ship only those countries for free of charge.

--Free shipping countries--


For other countries, I have to check if it could be shipped by EMS or UPS and costs would be higher so,  it wouldn't be a free shipping and need additional costs.

For this, Please let me know by email with your address to check the shipping costs.


Thanks a lot

Ian Kim

'◆ Mockingboard 4c' 카테고리의 다른 글

Testing of MB4c+ commercial board  (0) 2021.04.08
Pre-order for Mockingboard 4c+ [Closed]  (1) 2021.03.14
Making a MB4c for APPLE //c+  (1) 2021.01.13
Mockingboard 4c is ready  (0) 2020.09.09
New Mockingboard 4c board is preparing  (0) 2020.08.29
Mockingboard 4c is preparing  (0) 2017.07.21
Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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  1. 2021.04.06 16:10 신고 Ian Kim 이안김  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    Thanks for pre-orders,
    New PCB arrived today and I will start to make it.
    Please wait for some more days to ship it.

    Thanks a lot
    Ian Kim

For long time, I used this PS2 Keyboard adapter for my APPLE //e and there was no inconvenices.

And  Yesterday, I obtain a MINI keyboard adapter.
It is quite simple and looks good for small table for testing.

It worked with this PS2 adapter but, I found a issue.

PS2 Keybaord adapter was developed for full sized keyboard and there is 10keys pad is on right side.
And adapter always the Num lock ON. it was OK with it. 
but for this mini keyboard is using this 10keys are overlayed over the alphabet area. It became a problem here.
I can't key-in properly cause the num lock always ON and it send numbers insted alphabet..


'PS2 Keyboard Adapter didn't be designed to OFF the Num lock.'

I started to update firmware to handle Num Lock and now, I can OFF and ON.
And It can save as Power Default.
So, now It can ON or OFF Num lock when Power ON.

And Bonus function, Also Caps Lock also can save for Power ON default.

Unfortunatelly, This firmware coudn't be updated by remote so, only future ordered items would be apply this function. sorry for this.

If user could send the board to me, I could update firmware for free but, shipping costs is the matter.

Ian Kim

Posted by Ian Kim 이안김

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Dear customers and friends,


About three weeks ago I suddenly had terrible pain on my back.
First day, I had pain but, I could standup and can do limitted move but, the second day, I even can't standup..
What happend on my body.
I lied on the bed whole days and night.
I don't want to go to hospital just lied on bed.. maybe I'm idiot.
My wife asked to go hospital by the emergency emblance.
But, I think it doens't needed.. I just need to rest.
I searched internet and I guess it is a type of Disk proble on my backbone..
I want rest..
During long months I couldn't have proper rest. almost of everyday I spent time only for developing on new products.
When I hang on some point, I can't go ahead for other things.
Maybe it is my style.

It took about a week to walk again with rely on the walking stick.
Still had pain on my back and right leg.
Now passed three weeks and I could walk without the walking stick.
I can't run but, can walk..
My age is now above 50 and I'm not young anymore.. My body doens't good as before.
Now, I started to consider to keep my health.

My develpment wan't easy. because all products before to develop, it required the understanding about the functions. I didn't make any things just copy from old device. Copy from old one and sell it, it could be much easier but, can't have knowledge from developer and this device doesn't make me feel as I developed, It is just one of copyed device andmore can't put unique fun functions.

From this week, I could move much better. I must not carry any heavy things but, I can do soldering for my customers and could go to post office to ship the good for my customers.

Sorry for delays on orders, I hardly soldered for orders but I feel much better now.


Thanks for your support and keep healthy.

Best Regards;
Ian Kim

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