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SD MIDI ][+ Player V0.2b

이안김 2021. 6. 23. 19:10

Dear Friends and Customers,


This version optimized some more for the Level meter and added on left as a channel indicator(?).

And level meter speed was incresed and good now.

It is the best what I can do with 1Mhz 6502 APPLE II.


Just watch the video.


Thanks a lot.




What is the SD MIDI ][+ ?



SD MID][+ (Passport compatible MIDI card)

Dear friends, I'm pleased to announced this new board for APPLE II enthusiasts. SD MIDI][+ card is the Passport compatible and could play on Ultima V. And having unique function such as the Bridge O..


It isn't a freeware, I will provide for SD MIDI ][+ buyers for free.

It would be announced when It finished.


Thanks a lot;

Ian Kim