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SD DISK][Plus Firmware V2.74C

이안김 2021. 3. 25. 14:08


Dear customers and friends,
This version of firmware  fixed some bugs on FDD mode.
Please update your SD DISK][plus with this firmware.
What's changed in this firmware is,
1) Fixed an error what some images could not start up well at once during FDD booting.
2) NODSK??.NIB that automatically creates when formatting without selecting a disk and  now this temporary file automatically inserted during Power ON Boot. 
If I have multiple temporary files, I had a little difficulties to find which was that.

But now, It is more convenient for FDD work for copying a real DISKETTE to image file.

3) Write FDD and then rebooting soon, It desn't updated the image file.
Now it fixed and correctly update the FDD(*.NIB) image file.

Please refer to the link below for how to update the firmware.



(Thanks Mr. Johnson Lam)