APMSX runs at 16Mhz

이안김 2019. 4. 7. 19:47

New updated PCB

RCA Video output and 3.5mm Stereo Audio output.

Changed Sound chip to AY3-8910 and an SRAM for VRAM but, We have no Slot of the MSX.

It optimized for work on APPLE //e.


It now supports 16Mhz but hard to play some games. too fast.

It would be a good MSX who like to make a game on MSXBASIC.




This testing is that APMSX is using the SD DISKII Plus as it's own peripherals.

I made a driver to access HDD of SD DISKII plus.


It detected as an HDD on MSX and could R/W above 150 files.

The disk structure is exactly MSXDOS(Very close to the MSDOS),



APMSX works on APPLE //e  also APPLE IIGS with some limitations.

But not working on APPLE ][+.

I did fix some minor mistakes and ordered updated PCB for completion of the APMSX.



Ian Kim